Vehicle Escorts and Support Officers


Conducting personnel background checks taking security measures, like electronic locks, GPS tracking & tracing and lone worker systems that are connected to a Central Control Room, doing everything in your power to prevent your cargo from being stolen.

What still, concerns your business and staff? Are you sure that your employees will not attempt to steal, or assist in stealing of the cargo? In case of an incident: Does the driver know what action to take? What will he do if under pressure of a robbery, theft or accident?

There is an excellent solution! ASGS Security Services Limited Vehicle Escorts. We perform all-round, pro-active security functions for your cargo during transit and at the location of loading or unloading. They also can respond when an incident occurs. The best thing is that, the presence of ASGS Security Services Limited Vehicle Escorts shadowing your cargo reduces the chances of an attack on the vehicle.

All escort vehicles are driven by equipped security officers. In order to qualify, our guards must be first aid certified, have two years of experience in the security field, and have the appropriate equipment to be successful in there front line job. All officers employed by us are fully qualified and SIA Active Licensed, have report training, evaluation, pass a report writing test, a physical test, and background check, ASGS Security Services Limited drivers are among the best trained in the security industry.

ASGS Security Services Limited Vehicle Escorts will evaluate all dangers and risks the vehicles and vehicle escorts may face on route. Looking at the perfect points of possible attack areas which may include major M and A roads, helping to specify the best places for your driver to rest if required. Dual drivers for long journeys so the vehicles are protected at all times. Liaise with police forces, ambulance services, fire services and even garages if required.

ASGS Security Services Limited Officers will secure the cargo at all times include unloading and loading, you will never have to wonder whether there will be a sufficient response should an incident occur, and whether the procedures that need to be followed in an emergency are known.

Escorts can secure your cargo during transit, professionally equipped and trained security officers are there when something goes wrong. With their experience, knowledge and training knowing what to do and helping to prevent more damage from being done by quickly taking the right measures.

They are trained in contacting control and will alert all the required emergency services, should something happen. The Vehicle Escorts are also trained in making key observations, the vehicles are equipped with equipment like digital cameras, car mirrors, first aid equipment, torches, fire extinguisher and many other items, allowing them to gather evidence and help protect your asset and staff at the crime scene for later investigation and for insurance purposes.

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